About us

LAOHA - Latin America Oral Health Association was founded in Brazil in May 2015 with the support of Colgate-Palmolive and professors from two major Brazilian higher education institutions, the University of São Paulo and the UNG University. Both institutions offer excellence courses in the field of dentistry and, in this way, they are responsible for the technical and / or scientific development of LAOHA.

We are an association of private law, non-for-profit, philanthropic, assistance, educational and scientific intention, whose main objective is to support training, at a Doctoral level, foreign origin or Brazilian graduates in Dentistry and related areas. Our support focuses on professionals who present differentials of academic excellence and leadership, but due to geographical and / or financial reasons have not been able to deepen their studies in their countries or places of origin. Thus, we provide continuity in the training and improvement of these professionals in order to help with the formation of leaders committed to promote positive changes in health and dental research in their countries or regions of origin. Therefore, LAOHA considers itself as the only Association with this model, focused on Latin America and other countries with Neo-Latin language.


Our vision

To become recognized as a corporate thought leader in
oral health research in Latin America.

Our Mission

To contribute to the scientific development of dentistry and oral health improvement of the Latin American population through research and education.

Our Students

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LATAM-DHU sponsors scholarships for dentistry graduates, foreign nationals or Brazilians. For Bernal Stewart, one of the project's mentors, this partnership with universities is fundamental, "Latin America has excellent researchers and is a region where we hope to contribute to the improvement of the oral health of the population. For this, being close to the Universities and their researchers is fundamental. "Currently we support 7 PhD students:

Belén Retamal-Valdes

Country of origin: Chile
PhD Student at UNG University - Brazil

"Participating in the LAOHA has been a wonderful experience. I am having the opportunity to study in an internationally recognized dentistry program, such as the Doctorate Program of the Guarulhos University. In addition, I am working in different studies with a great human and scientific team. During the doctorate period, LAOHA has helped me in my personal and professional growth. Thank you very much LAOHA!!"

Carlos Guillermo Benítez Silva

Country of origin: México
PhD student at the University of São Paulo - Brazil

"Being part of LAOHA has been a very satisfying experience, with the opportunity to continue my studies. It has also been an important platform to meet people with shared goals to create good networking for future partnerships."

Carlos Manuel Rubio

Country of origin: Venezuela
PhD student at the University of São Paulo - Brazil

"For me, to be part of LAOHA, at first was a surprise, is currently and will continue to change my future and all the people who are around me, I will be grateful for the opportunity to finish my goals."

Gerson Pedro Jose Langa

Country of origin: Mozambique
Doctorate student at the Federal University of Porto Alegre - Brazil

"First of all, is a Blessing! Because, being a part of LAOHA means to be a lot more than just being a student! It means, learning about Life, being a better professional, it means developing the part of me that i thought i would never follow, the research! I never ever thought i would be so interested in developing this part of mine! And, thanks to this opportunity, i found a part of me that can work hard to do something better for science specially, and not so! So, lastly, being a part of LAOHA/LATAM-DHU means being a new and better person to the world and feel happy by being it."

Gloria Marcela Ramírez

Country of origin: Colômbia
PhD student at the University of São Paulo - Brazil

"Being part of LAOHA / LATAM-DHU has been simply a wonderful blessing, a privilege that brings growth in all aspects of life. It is to continue to mature in the personal and professional area in a country with an excellent level of research. It is to be able to realize a dream of not only wanting to receive but in the near future to offer to our countries people with a PhD formation whose objective is to help to develop research with solid basis, essential fundaments and links with Universities of great prestige at the level of Latin America and the world. So far I'm starting but I'm sure that this road will be full of challenges and satisfactions that will mark a part of my life forever."

Mariana Linhares Almeida

Country of origin: Brasil
PhD Student at UNG University - Brazil

"Being part of LAOHA / LATAM-DHU means in one word "opportunity." It is an opportunity to acquire knowledge in the best centers of dental research in Brazil, it is an opportunity to exchange experiences with people from different places in Latin America. In short, it is a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally."


The idea of creating LAOHA arose a few years ago, when it was noticed the shortage of Doctorate courses in Dentistry in several countries, and at the same time a large number of these programs in the South and Southeast of Brazil. Thus, it was designed together with Colgate researchers and executives, especially Sr. Bernal Stewart (Research Director of Global Colgate in Latin America), Prof. Magda Feres (UNG) and Prof. Giuseppe Romito (FO-USP), a project aimed at absorbing students from other countries and Brazilians in PhD Programs in Dentistry at UNG and FO-USP, both evaluated with excellence by CAPES (Ministry of Education, Brazil) and other affiliates.

These students could then multiply their acquired knowledge in their countries / regions of origin, thus contributing to the advancement of research and oral health in these regions. The project is financially supported by Colgate (Technology Center, USA) through granting scholarships for these students.

Latin America Oral Health Association


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